Do yourself a favor and watch this great video about a wild and mountainous corner of the world that we hold near and dear. The forests, waters, and wildlife of the Appalachian Mountains make up a priceless resource in terms of ecology, economy, and outdoor recreation. Collectively this is our land, and we need to take care of it. Whether you’re a Maine Guide, a hiker, a timber company, or you just love wild nature, this place is both rare and special. If you haven’t been to the Mountains of western Maine, we can’t recommend it enough.

Video via the Maine Mountain Collaborative, which works to preserve the forests of the Appalachian Mountain Corridor for many people and many uses.

Adventures in the Appalachian Mountains:

Guided Hike of Avery Peak

Summit one of Maine’s classic peaks with an experienced guide and experience in the rustic luxury of the Stratton Brook Hut, operated by Maine Huts & Trails.

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Full Day Guided Fly Fishing

Learn from the best and spend the day catching trout, salmon, smallmouth bass and northern pike. Open to anglers of all levels.

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